Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Art of Turning a UFE to a FE (Part 3)

UFE = Unfertilised Egg
FE = Fertilised Egg

I was actually intending to post another piece on a completely different topic this month, but recent events inspired me to write and share this one. 

This is dedicated to those family and friends who have continued to support MOH (My Other Half) and I on our journey of turning a UFE to a FE. Some of them may not have realised it, but their thoughts and actions have really helped us along the way. 

Thank you to those who:

...call or message us at all hours of the day to check in and see how we are doing.

...take our calls or respond to our messages at all hours of the day.

...write or email us notes of support and encouragement.

...are our own personal cheer squad, giving us pep talks when we are feeling down or need that extra bit of motivation.

...rejoice in every little step we take, no matter how small, that brings us closer to getting a FE.

...allow us to show our vulnerability and tell us that it's okay to feel this scared, overwhelmed and sad.

...give us a reality check and ensure we don't wallow in self-pity.

...offer to do all sorts of things like ferry us to and from appointments/procedures, and be our personal medical assistant.

...pass on their learnings, and give us tips and hints based on their own experiences (infinitely better than 'Dr. Google').

...listen (a special shout-out to some of our male friends who have had to listen to me talk about my ovaries).

...conduct simple acts of kindness like bake a birthday cake or supply us with much-needed chocolate. While some of these acts may not have anything to do with this particular situation, they cheer us up all the same.

...just tells us that we are in their thoughts and prayers. It's more than enough.

...do all the 'normal' things with us like going out to dinner, reminding us that life goes on (as it should).

...make us laugh.

...encourage us to be kind and gentle to ourselves. To quote one of our friends - it's the "L'Oreal principle" i.e. because we're worth it! 

...let us know that they are right there if we need them.

...share their own very personal stories, which fill us with hope and inspiration.

...remain optimistic, even when we don't feel like we can be.

To all you special people, we'd like you to know how much it means to us and how much we appreciate every thought, every gesture and every kind word. While we still haven't reached that light at the end of the tunnel, you are certainly our beacons along the way.

Lastly, I would like to thank MOH. He is just an amazing man. This experience shown me that we really are a formidable team and that there is nothing we cannot do or cannot overcome as long as we are together. 

I sometimes wonder why I continue to share our story. I feel that it's partly because I find it quite cathartic to write about it. I also hope that other people can draw some comfort from reading it. The one thing I have learnt from all this is that no matter how many people have gone through similar experiences and no matter what their outcome has been (good or bad), it does not mean it is any easier when you are the one going through it. The most important thing is knowing that you are not alone. So my wish for any of you who may be facing the same challenges is that you are also surrounded with this kind of love, support and positivity to help you along the way. 

To be continued...

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