Monday, 1 December 2014

All I want for Christmas

All I want for Christmas is:

* A good book, a deck chair and sunshine.

* A coffee machine that not only makes my coffee, but brings it to me in bed every morning.

* To switch off, and completely and utterly forget about work.

* Long, thick eyelashes. If there was cosmetic surgery that would give me a permanent solution for this I would do it. Seriously. If it does exist please let me know ASAP.

* A wind machine. Every woman needs one. I've worked out this is why Beyoncé looks so fabulous. Check out her music videos for yourself if you don't believe me.

* To sing and dance like I just don't care. Oh wait, I do that already.

* To feast like a king with all my favourite indulgences. Hmmm, I do that already too....

* To keep having fun. Lots and lots of fun.

* To continue to travel the world.

* To achieve my next goal - run a half marathon. I've been inspired by some family and friends, I think 'why the hell not' and I say 'never say never'. This leads me to the next two points on my wishlist...

* To never let my age or gender define what I can and cannot do. 

* To make the most of every single opportunity that comes my way.

* To have the capacity to forgive and accept that some things cannot be changed.

* To do what I can to contribute and make a difference, whatever that may be.

* For ignorance and hate to be wiped out from this world (a big ask but one has to start somewhere). 

* For all my family and framily (friends-family) to be content and at peace (I am happy to start here).

* To have the strength and the courage to get through this next phase of our journey towards having child and make it through to the other side. The strength and the courage that I am scared I will not be able to find.

* To continue to believe from the bottom of my heart that despite any challenges, MOH and I have a wonderful life. The glass is always half-full.

* MOH (My Other Half). This one goes without saying. 

Love, laugh, enjoy, give and live with joy.

"Because life's too short not to try beautiful things." 
Jamie Oliver

Have a beautiful Christmas and New Year!

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